Why a Bag?

Hygiene and fresh air is important for us at Super Tramp Plymouth and is essential for any sports facility. 

The air bag eliminates the dust created by foam used in foam pits as it wears over time.

The air bag allows you to practice your flips and somersaults safely, especially for those with allergies and breathing difficulties like asthma. 


Please ensure you read the safety rules:

  • Make sure you have no items in your pockets before using the air bag.
  • No double flips, no head first & no diving or back flips into the air bag.
  • Never land head first into the airbag.
  • Land feet first or on to your bum into the air bag.
  • After jumping, exit off the airbag straight away.
  • Do not jump into the air bag until the previous jumper from their lane has exited off the air bag.