Why a Bag?

The Air Bag allows you to practice your flips and somersaults safely which you might not have the confidence to practice on the trampolines yet.

The Air Bag creates a soft comfortable landing and is easy to climb out of.

Our dual tumble track provides a great bouncy area so you can really get some height for your somersaults!

The Air bag is durable and easy to clean making it a  fantastic additon to the park!


Please ensure you read the safety rules:

  • Make sure you have no items in your pockets before using the air bag.
  • No double flips, no head first & no diving or back flips into the air bag.
  • Never land head first into the airbag.
  • Land feet first or on to your bum into the air bag.
  • After jumping, exit off the airbag straight away.
  • Do not jump into the air bag until the previous jumper from their lane has exited off the air bag.