Plymouth's #1 Wall Running Setup

What is The Wall?

The Wall steps things up to the next level. It’s kind of like a half pipe made out of trampolines.

You probably need to see it live or check out the video to get what we’re talking about, but like all the best ideas it’s a really simple concept.

We use our high Performance Trampoline and run up the wall……... it’s as easy as it sounds.


If you fancy yourself as a Wall Runner, why not come along to our workshop. These sessions are run by experienced Wall Runners who are there to help everyone enjoy this session from teaching the basics to first-timers, to mastering aerial moves for the more experienced. Don't be afraid to come along and learn something new.

Please note: To attend these sessions bouncers must be a minimum of 1.25m tall.

This session runs every Monday 7pm - 8pm