Here at Super Tramp we host a variety of birthday parties suitable for all ages, from children who have just started to walk, all the way to those kids at heart. We welcome you all to have fun, bounce off the walls and have an amazing time.

We provide LOADS of different types of party packages for the special day, all of which include 1 hour of bouncing, food for everyone, squash until you pop, a very special birthday shout out as well as private dodgeball games with one of our own dodgeball masters. Some of our other party packages have all of this plus more goodies included.

You can come and celebrate your birthday at any time with us. We host Tot’s parties for those under the ages of 5 years old, with one adult included per guest. Every child will also receive one party box filled with food and drink goodies for after their time in the park.

Our Family bounce parties are for those between the ages on 3-12 years old so that the whole family and all your friends can have fun together and not leave anyone left out. This also includes a free parent for all those bouncing under the age of 5.

The 5 plus parties are, as the name suggest, for all of those over the age of 5 years old. We have three different packages: Wallaby; Kangaroo and last but not least our Boomer, all full of everything you could ever want for a bouncy birthday party.

We also host SEN parties for those with additional needs, where the sound of the music is lowered and we have extra toys for everyone to play with. This session also includes 1 parent/carer to come in to join everyone. We try and adapt these to the birthday child to try and make them feel as welcome and comfortable as possible!

Our parties start from £12 per person. The prices increase depending on either your party is booked off-peak or on-peak and how BIG you would like your birthday package! We also have a minimum amount of bouncers for each party as 10! 

Some of our BIGGER packages include: your personal party host; a free return voucher and Super Tramp party bags. Other packages can include ALL bouncers all of the party to have their very own Super Tramp socks as well as all the chocolate you could need to eat after your bounce session!

An hour’s bounce can often lead to feeling quite hungry, which is why we offer a range of delicious pizzas as well as hot dogs! We also have alternatives for any bouncers with dietary requirements, including dairy and gluten free options!

Bouncing can be thirsty work which is why UNLIMITED SQUASH is offered with EVERY party we offer. Alongside this, with specific packages, we offer Slush Puppies, with flavours raspberry, strawberry and cola - super refreshing and super tasty!

For more information about birthday parties follow the link;  https://supertrampplymouth.co.uk/birthdays

For more information about birthday parties follow the link; https://supertrampplymouth.co.uk/birthdays