Customer Notice from Super Tramp Plymouth

Please read.

As a business we are always looking at ways to improve the experience and the service we provide to our brilliant customers. Starting from Monday 14th May 2018 there will be a number of changes to some of our services and a few new features within the park and café. The changes are listed below;

Changes to our Waiver

Wall Running will now be £8 instead of £10

Thursdays Support Sessions will now be known as SEND (Special Education Needs & Disabilities) Session. **There will be no changes to the way these sessions run.

Saturdays Support Session will be marketed to families who find it difficult to attend either the SEND Session or any other sessions. **These sessions will run the same as our SEND Sessions only different is the rules will be more “relaxed”.

Birthday Party Extras;  

 Super Tramp Party Bags will now be £4 instead of £5

 Super Tramp Balloons will now be £3 instead of £4

Super Tramp Academy; Due to the popularity of the Tuesday classes we will be running an additional class on Wednesday 7pm. Please enquire at FOH.

Included in our AfterSchool Club (Package 1 and 2), the Slush Puppie size will be changing from a Regular to a Small. **Will not affect Package 3.

Included in our Kangaroo Party Package, the Slush Puppie size will be changing from a Large to a Regular.

Trampoline Volleyball; over the coming weeks we will be installing a Volleyball net over the Free Bounce Area. This net will not be up all the time it will only be available in specific sessions and upon request. **Further details we be posted soon, please check our website and Facebook.

Pizzas; We are installing pizza ovens in the café which will be available over the counter and used in our Party Packages. **Further details to follow.

In light of the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) we have made a number of changes to our online Privacy Policies and our own Polices and Procedures. Our staff are all undergoing training to ensure your personal data is dealt with in a professional and secure manner.

If you have any questions about any of the above please email or speak to one of our managers.

Best regards,

Super Tramp Plymouth