SuperFit is a 60 minute structured exercise regime which is supercharged with all the benefits of a gym session - but lots more fun!

These high intensity, low-impact cardio workouts blast your core, improve muscle tone and lift your heart rate.

The opposite of a gruelling ordeal, our classes are all about high spirits and awesome soundtracks.

Check out our new SuperFit  timetable. We run SuperFit sessions throughout the week so there's a class for everyone.

Our SuperFit sessions aim to make fitness fun and, in our opinion, definitely beats the gym! To spice up your fitness regime and try something different, click the link below and book on to a SuperFit session today! 

SuperFit Class timetable:

(Running off peak and peak)


7pm to 8pm


7pm to 8pm


7pm to 8pm

*We are currently offering evening classes only.

Fitness Class Cancellation Policy

Please note that we have a new cancellation policy for classes.

Our SuperFit classes can get booked up quickly. Therefore, we kindly ask that everyone gives at least 48 hours notice prior to cancelling or transferring a booking. This will enable us to allocate spaces to others who may be interested in attending or on a waiting list.

Please note that we will be unable to issue refunds for cancellations made within 48 hours of the class in question.  

Thank you for your understanding.